Wednesday, August 26, 2009

love has fade away

it was late night. but she still awake, lying down on the bed. suddenly theres a tears falling down from her eyes. she wipe it away with her blanket. to see her face, everyone would say that she's breathless..she's the other word, she is heartbroken.
here is the story... yesterday, she grab his husband's laptop. she wanted to check and resetting the laptop as his husband give that laptop to her as he bought a new one.while deleting unnecessary files, theres one text document that attracted her. she opened it. it was a piece of conversation between her husband and a girl. he called her BABY.. "no... it wasn't my husband!",she said. but, it was his i/d, it was his laptop.her heart was beating so fast. she looked again. the time of conversation was at 1.15am-1.30am. again she felt real bad. she remembered, everytime she call her husband by that time, he will say that he is busy with cooking. now, she knows that was her husband's "dishes"... she wondering, asking herself.. "what was my mistake? does his loves fade away?"...she turn off the laptop, she was clueless.. she say not a single words to her husband. till today. she's still thinking. "should i ask him? or should i just let it go and pretend nothing happened?"


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