Wednesday, August 26, 2009

love has fade away

it was late night. but she still awake, lying down on the bed. suddenly theres a tears falling down from her eyes. she wipe it away with her blanket. to see her face, everyone would say that she's breathless..she's the other word, she is heartbroken.
here is the story... yesterday, she grab his husband's laptop. she wanted to check and resetting the laptop as his husband give that laptop to her as he bought a new one.while deleting unnecessary files, theres one text document that attracted her. she opened it. it was a piece of conversation between her husband and a girl. he called her BABY.. "no... it wasn't my husband!",she said. but, it was his i/d, it was his laptop.her heart was beating so fast. she looked again. the time of conversation was at 1.15am-1.30am. again she felt real bad. she remembered, everytime she call her husband by that time, he will say that he is busy with cooking. now, she knows that was her husband's "dishes"... she wondering, asking herself.. "what was my mistake? does his loves fade away?"...she turn off the laptop, she was clueless.. she say not a single words to her husband. till today. she's still thinking. "should i ask him? or should i just let it go and pretend nothing happened?"

Monday, August 17, 2009


those 3 things, are all desires. confessed it that money is everything.and its truly hard to have a bunch of milloin dollar in ur account, until or unless u achieve ur target and succes.well, as u have money, u succeed, u'll get fame.everyone is longing to know u much better. and, to get these 3 things, i am willing to do anything.yes.anything.will u?im sure u think the same way too. life isn't so easy for me to get thru with a very pleasant smile everyday. once, i always argue with mu husband. i said, money is evrything, much more important than love. and he defences that love is everything where else money is nothing. im still with my words! talking bout success, i ever failed in my life. many times. but life must go on as i have to build up my career, go on wit my life, live my life the way i am.and, to all my frens, confessed that all of us wanted to be one of the famous students in the college, as well as everywhere we are.right?just imagine, how good when we are walking thru to the college's cafe, every eyes were looking at us..hahahha!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kembara Jalur Gemilang

last week, on thursday, ade program Kembara Jalur Gemilang kat Pejabat Parlimen ni. Pihak yang telibat dan yang menganjurkan program ni adalah SK Bukit Tumbuh. sumenya bebudak standard 1-6. sonok diorang. Yb Dato' sempat berucap, lecture bebudak ni ttg kemerdekaan Malaysia. pastu jamu bebudak n guru2 ngan nasi lemak n nasi dagang.suddenly i remembered my past when i was in primary school. kalau ade program2 camni yg melibatkan outdoor activity, hepy bebenor coz tak perlu blajar, mengadap buku teks, n buat latihan dlm class..!hahaaah..plg best, i terjumpa my former teacher when i wan standard 6 at SK Bukit Tok Beng, my dearly PK 1, Pn Azha Rohana. tak sangka lak she still remember me as her student after 11years never seen each other..

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boleh percaya ke ni???

Thursday, August 13, 2009


he walked into my life.
he said he likes me coz the way i am.
he said he adores me coz i am kinda girl he is looking for.
he said he amazes coz i am outspokenly told him what i am, who i am.
he said he won't feel good if he didn't talk to me even once in a day.
he said he wud never hurt me.
he said he wud never make me cry.
well, theres one thing i can admit.
he tells a perfect lie.
the truth is was all bullshit.

when ure wit ur girl,
u act like u dun know me.
if i wud hav known dis was how it was gonna be,
i wudn't hav fallen in love wit u from the start
becoz what ure doing to me.
where were u when i needed u most?u left me so torn apart...


Monday, July 13, 2009

good old days

God knows how i miss my good old days with frens, collegue and so on. I started my very best of life on 2004. I was admitted to college somewhere in Selangor. The place is sucks! all my roomate are very conservatives(mula2 kenal la).but who knows?they are just like me!well, for the 1st month, every weekend all what we do is just hanging around at Metro Kajang. then, bila langkah da makin panjang,there u are..we all da start merayap till takes 2 buses from our college.damn tired!then, we started overnight.and how notty we are, we always break the rules when we are supposed to be at college before 7pm, but we didnt come back at all..!sometimes, we slept at my aunt's house at kg baru. sometimes it will be at my fren's house,cheras.
my 2nd sem was greater than 1st sem. we've become famous amongs the students. we've created lots of trouble to lecturers and ourselves. i still remember, we have to appeal if we want to stay in hostel coz we are damn head stoned.once the appeal was approved, we striked again.3rd sem, we are no longer aloowed staying in we rented one house.since we were staying out of college's observation, we are freaking free. we cherish every moment passed. every weekend, we'll go to shopping complex, hanging around BB,KLCC,Mid Valley.just name it.and what a great life when, most of the weekend, we'll check in the luxurious hotels.and the best thing is, whatever we did, we did it together.
now, as time passes by, all of us heading to our own life. i lost some of them. wonder..what are they up to now?are they still the same?naughty and fabulous like before?do they miss me?coz i do miss them all much..!

have u ever?

have u ever feel regret for letting go the most sincere guy in ur life?
i do.. and its hurt.
till now, though i have my daughter with my dearly husband, but i confessed that sometimes i do feel regret when i think that he is not the one i who wanted to be my soulmate. its a great torture when i stupidly crying in da middle of nite, missing him and most of all, im the one who let him go away n i was the one who broke her heart into pieces!
im sure that he is belongs to someone else now. probably is too late to turn back time.. gosh..!i miss him!